Cuisine 6 Burner Gas Braai

With the CUISINE 6 Gas Burner barbeque braais we are stepping up the intensity a bit by adding two more burners, which means that cooking or braaing is faster (if required) and more heat control is offered. This is ideal for the budding chef, the accomplished cook, and the real food lover. But no matter who you are, one thing ensured is the sheer cooking pleasure a SYAM gas barbecue braai will bring you.

The CUISINE 6 Gas Burner comes standard with a double layered dome and rotisserie kit – extending your braaing and cooking options. It’s the dome that makes the real difference to your braaing or cooking results. Not only is your braaing time faster but you have more control over slow and fast cooking or braaing. Now you can roast beautifully. The back burner adds a new dynamic to your cooking/braaing options.

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